Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis Plant: How to Spot ?

Magnesium, alongside calcium, potassium, and phosphorous, is considered a crucial element for ensuring the healthy growth and nourishment of the cannabis plant. Through magnesium deficiency in cannabis plant, the plant eventually suffers malnutrition and dies.

Magnesium is the main component of photosynthesis for any plant, be it cannabis or any other one. In its presence, the leaves of the plant are not able to absorb and convert light into energy, thus starving to death.

No matter how much light the cannabis plant takes, in the absence of magnesium, photosynthesis can never take place.

Identifying Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis Plant

The three stages of magnesium deficiency in Cannabis plants are identified as:

  • Early Stage of Magnesium Deficiency
  • Mid Stage of Magnesium Deficiency
  • Last Stage of Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis  is responsible for giving the plant the actual green color it deserves, being the building component of chlorophyll. Whenever you notice the leaves of the cannabis plant being faded or pale green, it might be a sign of the plant suffering from magnesium depletion.


In this phenomenon, the leaves of the plant start showing magnesium deficiency in Cannabis first around the edges and then towards the veins, resulting across the entire plant at the end. The leaves that are close to the bottom of the plant become the very first victim of magnesium deficiency.

Once you begin noticing the leaves of your cannabis plant becoming dry, crunchy, or pale in color, it might be a warning sign and you should start treatment immediately.


Magnesium is not only just important for photosynthesis, it is also vital for the entire growth of the Cannabis plant. The cannabis plants lacking magnesium components do not have healthy roots, and cannot absorb other healthy nutrients for the plant such as nitrogen and phosphorous.

Due to this, the plant is going to suffer from growth and flowering issues, as the plant is not going to make it to the flowering stage. As soon as the magnesium supply to the cannabis plant starts depleting, the plant leaves first turn pale green to yellowish, finally dropping off, resulting in the plant’s death at the end.

What’s The Underlying Reason?

Due to overwatering of the cannabis plant, or flushing, the magnesium component in it easily washes away. Even if the tap water your area offers contains useful magnesium levels, or the soil is rich in magnesium, the plant may not be able to absorb it still, due to low pH levels, preventing the roots from absorbing magnesium.

Incorrect Supplements

Magnesium deficiency in the cannabis plant also takes place when you supplement the plant with some other thing such as calcium, and that is not magnesium. If you are good at balancing and using nutrients, your cannabis plant might still observe signs of deficiency, pointing towards lower water or pH levels, due to which the plant would not be able to absorb magnesium. You need to keep a check on the pH zone as well.

If a plant is suffering from pH lockout, and you have not taken any step for its correction, adding more magnesium to such a plant can lead to disastrous situations. The plant will never be able to absorb any magnesium if the pH has not been fixed.

Improper Balancing of Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis

Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis: Once you start adding magnesium components to the substrate already having enough of it, the situation can even worsen and all the other essential nutrients might also be locked down due to excessive amounts of magnesium. This results in a lot of other deficiencies in the cannabis plant to deal with. Therefore, one needs to be careful before adding any amounts of magnesium to the substrate and should be cautious of the magnesium levels in the plant.

In case of any suspicion, you should always flush your system with clean and well-balanced pH-fixed water containing friendly amounts of magnesium and essential nutrients.

Before using any supplement, you need to make sure to get advice from the top and most trusted Cannabis dispensary in Toronto.

How to Easily Prevent Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis?

Using properly balanced cannabis-oriented plant nutrients and perfectly-formulated soil for cannabis growth turns the tables in favour and helps inadequate growth and magnesium absorption for the plant. It is never too late to take steps to the prevention of magnesium depletion in your cannabis plant.

Once you get to know the right ratio of magnesium in the soil and the plant, things are going to be way better as you would be already aware of how much amount of magnesium your plant still requires. You should also determine the magnesium level in your plants on daily basis to ensure they are growing the right way, without facing any hurdle.

Keeping an eye on the growth of the cannabis plants gives you more confidence regarding the issues that remain unaddressed in the plant. In case of any ambiguity, there are a lot of tips and solutions all across the internet, and across different dispensaries, to help out the situation.

In this manner, you are going to find a better picture and ensure the plant grows exactly the way you require, or you have dreamt of. You would also be more confident about fixing any of the problems through better solutions for fixing the magnesium levels in the plant.

Some Quick Tips for Fixing Magnesium Deficiency in CBD Plant

It is not easy to test the magnesium levels in the substrate without the help of laboratory analysis, and people cannot easily access them as well. However, it is possible to use the right solutions that would resolve the entire issue of magnesium deficiency, resulting in a healthy plant growth scenario. Here are some quick fixes for Magnesium Deficiency in Cannabis:

Flushing with pH-Balanced Water

One of the most convenient ways to fix out the pH issue in the substrate, and to eradicate the excessive nutrients in it, is through proper flushing with well-balanced Ph water. This should be followed by another flushing of the system, again with well-balanced pH water that is supplemented with cannabis nutrients.

Using the Right Nutrient Solutions

You can determine the right ratio of the nutrients, identifying the vegetarian or flowering nature of your plant. The ideal pH ratio in hydro systems is reported to be between 6.0 – 6.5, favouring an ideal magnesium uptake. Once you are confident about the nature of the cannabis plant, you should make sure you use the right nutrient solution that is rich in magnesium and contains the desired magnesium levels.

The Nature of the Soil

As compared to pots, growing the cannabis plants in open soil makes them more exposed to sunlight, and thus there are lesser chances of the plant to suffer from magnesium deficiency in Cannabis. This cannot guarantee the immunity of the plant still, which can be fixed out with the same flushing technique as discussed above and using the right magnesium supplement from Cannabis dispensary Toronto.

Using Epsom Salt Water

Using Epsom salt water can help to give your cannabis plant the right amount of desired magnesium. Your plant requires magnesium sulphate, that is the Epsom salt, readily available at different dispensaries. It is considered a better approach to go for the Epsom salt that is free from any contaminants, is fragrance-free, and is unmedicated. Pure varieties fit the best for your cannabis plant.

Apart from getting Epsom saltwater that is ready-made, you can also make it on your own following the right ratio available easily on the internet.

Investing in the Right Growth Medium

If your plant is currently growing in a small-sized pot, consider switching it from the small container with less fertile soil, to some large container having the right mix of soil and nutrients. Whenever your cannabis plant starts observing its growth, its roots become eventually hungry for more soil and thus the plant requires more and more soil.

Due to this reason, it is a preferred approach to grow your plant in open environments, to let it intake as much soil, water, and light it desires. For fixing out the magnesium deficiencies right away during growth, it is a better option to choose the right growth medium for your plant that is rich in cannabis-oriented nutrients.


Always be careful regarding the magnesium levels in your cannabis plants, as its absence can kill your plant. Once you start noticing the growth hazard signs, it is time to take some action immediately and use the right solution that better fits the situation your plant is currently suffering from.

It is time to spot the main issue that is interfering with your plant’s intake of magnesium, and fix it right away!

Choosing the right solution can save your plant from getting depleted of magnesium. With the right magnesium level, your plant will observe better growth and will absorb more light and convert it into energy without any hassle. The quicker you are to take the action, the less problematic the situation is going to be.

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