The Early History of Marijuana and Its Uses

History of Marijuana: You might have used cannabis multiple times, in a variety of ways such as baking it into edibles or just smoking. Then you’re definitely familiar with its pungent aroma.

 Ever wondered where this plant originated from and how it migrated all across the world and got recognized legally? This post is all about Puffshaven Toronto, marijuana and its early history.

The Origins of Marijuana

Marijuana has travelled a long way to make it here in Toronto from all the way across the world. From Central Asia to the Middle East, you can see the hazy clouds of cannabis smoke, and the plants all around, which verifies the strong roots of cannabis and the different cultures it has been gone through, before making it to our routine life.

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The entire history of marijuana is all about different trade routes, cultures, migration patterns, degrees of acceptance by numerous states, incorporation into the state’s laws, and its amazing uses.

At first, the marijuana plant started its origin in Central Asia and started spreading its roots across the entire world.

Before domestication, the cannabis plant was dependent upon the movement of Pleistocene glaciers, to show up its presence in the Hindu Kush Mountains, Mongolia, Siberia, Afghanistan, South Asia, and the Huang He River Valley. As the plant takes its life from the sun, it does not show up its growth across the cold areas, and thus the glaciers prevented it from showing up growth.

The Discovery History of Marijuana

In 2500 BC, it was used in the Yanghai Tombs in the form of mummified cannabis. Back in 2900 BC, in the Czech Republic, the ancient cannabis marks its early uses as a hemp rope. Whereas in 3000 BC, the Siberian Pazyryk tribe used the seeds of the cannabis plant for fulfilling their nutritional needs. They also used it in burial mounds, where they burnt it up

A Chinese herbalist named Emperor Shen Nung was reported to be the first case of cannabis consumption, and in a small period, he categorized it further in more than 350+ medical herbs, some of which are still used in eastern medicines even today.

He proved that the cannabis plant is a pure remedy for malaria, gout, rheumatism, and many such ailments. In a small period, cannabis started strengthening its roots in Korea and Japan too.

How Cannabis Was Used in Different Cultures?

History of Marijuana: The nomadic Indo-Europeans, named Scythians, have been reportedly using the plant for performing their burial rituals. It was then introduced by them to Anatolia and Iran while roaming the Altai Mountains, between 1400 and 2000 BC.

They even started using it in their social rituals, and with time, cannabis was also introduced to Greece, Egypt, and Africa.

The plant marks it uses around 1292 BC, in different mummies, reported being having traces of cannabinoids in them, as the tomb of Ramses II had cannabis pollens in it. Majorly, the Scythians are responsible for spreading cannabis to Russia and Ukraine as well.

By 3000 BC, the plant was well-recognized in entire Eastern Europe as well. There were different archaeological sites in Finland and Bulgaria, where burned cannabis seeds have been discovered. In different traditional recipes of Lithuanian and Polish, hemp seeds were also reported to be used.

Coming to India, they started using it in different traditions, and cannabis was heavily consumed in their traditional drink known as “bhang”, which was a mixture of tea and milk.

 Many people in India started smoking cannabis with tobacco for enhancing their meditation time, and the plant was reported to relieve anxiety. Since then, the number of consumers kept on increasing and never reduced.

In the Greco-Roman cultures, the plant was used as a source of intoxicant and fibre. The seeds were reported to be found in the ruins of Pompeii as well. In Spain, after the Moorish invasion, hashish was largely produced as a concentrated form of cannabis.

 By the end of the 13th century, the plant got quite popular for serving different religious and recreational purposes, and many states started legalizing it.

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