The Practical Uses of Hemp in our lives

As you may be aware Puffs Haven sells cannabis products, and we are proud to be one of the top  Toronto cannabis dispensary. But have you ever considered the uses of hemp as a product? Hemp, itself, is one of the most effective materials in the world with many day to day applications, which makes it hemp an extremely versatile product.

From personal needs to textiles, food and beverages, the medical industry, and much more, hemp provides many applications in our environment. In case you don’t know what hemp is, it is that form of cannabis plant, which makes use of only 0.3 percent of the psychoactive THC. Hemp has now be legalized in many of the countries, including the US, which has classified it as a part of the agricultural commodity.

A Brief Look at How Hemp Was Used in the History

At first, it was only the US where hemp was legalized. Before that, this plant was even considered illegal to be produced anywhere in the world. Being the first country to encourage its production, it showed the world how useful hemp can be in our daily routine things.

From the early 1600s to 1800s, hemp plant was used in manufacturing of different materials such as clothes, ropes, and sails for ships. From here, it started getting fame and many of the states incorporated it as a legal tender, requiring all of the agricultural lands and each farmer to grow hemp. However, after the civil war, hemp lost its fame as numerous imported materials got popular in those days.

One of the most popular countries in the world, China has been an ardent user of help for making paper and related packaging material in the second century, B.C., and has been continuously cultivating hemp for around more than 6000 years. During the middle ages, Europe has also been reported to be using hemp for creating ropes and clothing for ships as hemp was considered to be durable enough in the sea water.

Many of the countries have been using it in construction material. Hemp has thus a clear and valuable background when it comes to its massive uses.

Use of Hemp in Today’s Life

We have discussed the hemp’s background and its use in ancient ages pretty well. You might be wondering where you might have seen its use in today’s life. In this portion, we are going to discuss the common applications of hemp in our daily life.

Hemp is now grown as an approved and legalized agricultural commodity in more than 30 countries now. Its multiple uses can be seen across different industries. In around similar ways like the ancient times, hemp is currently being used as an important part of construction material, thanks to its sustainable nature. Due to its carbon-negative nature, it tends to absorb carbon wherever it is cultivated and when placed in the building material, adds to the eco-friendliness. Still today, hemp is being used in the textile and clothing industry, and the paper industry as well.

Increase in the uses of hemp

Hemp is being massively used in the CBD industry. As soon as hemp got legally recognized, its extracted form CBD went viral and now has been massively reported in everything, whether it is a personal care product, an eatery item, beverage, hygiene product, or a tincture.

While many of the hemp-derived products are legal now, there are many states that have strict rules regarding its manufacturing, packaging and selling. When it comes to its consumption, the rules are even stricter as these items are directly consumed by the human body, and any negligence can lead to disastrous conditions. There are many states that don’t allow the usage of CBD in food, beverages, and nutritional supplement categories.

By the next 3 years, it is estimated that the hemp industry will be worth of $20 billion, which is a certainly massive amount. Hemp has been reported to be used in around nine submarkets of the world market, and consists of around 25000+ products that are being used in multiple industries. This indicates, hemp is going to stay in the future, for sure!

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