The Science Behind CBD Extraction from Cannabis

You might have gotten your hands on the yummiest cannabidiol edibles available in the local market. Ever thought of the mechanism each cannabis product must go through before getting in your hands in consumable form?

For those who don’t know what CBD is, it is the cannabinoid that is extracted from the cannabis plants. Its extraction from the plant involves separating the chemical itself from the plant and then distilling it in higher concentrations.

Numerous research states cannabis to be beneficial for both human body and mind. Extracting the cannabis makes the active ingredients even easier to consume.

The Extraction Method

Medical cannabis Toronto can be extracted easily, and does not require the complex procedures that other extraction processes require. When it comes to large-scale production of CBD, normally two procedures are followed for this purpose. Both methods are equally important in extracting high quality CBD from cannabis. 


The first method, also known as the carbon di oxide extraction method, is quite popular and convenient. CO2 is a gas largely used for commercial purposes and is quite helpful in extracting compounds from plant matter. The gas can be consumed in both normal and super-critical liquid form, in this extraction method.

A closed loop pressurized extraction chamber is used for compressing the gas and push it to its liquid form. This liquid is then passed on to the extraction material, where it wipes away all the CBD from the cannabis. This whole mixture is then brought back to specific pressures and temperature conditions at which the carbon di oxide vaporizes to the gas form, leaving the extracted CBD residue behind, from the plant.

This method is considered to be highly scalable and versatile. With this method, you can not only extract the cannabis, but also specific chemical from different plants.


The Haven shop Toronto solvent extraction method is yet another popular method for cannabis extraction. This method is relatively cheaper and faster than the CO2 extraction method, and you can get the same results.

This method involves a closed loop extraction chamber too, that makes use of liquid propane, butane and ethanol to wash and wipe away the cannabis, releasing the massive amounts of CBD and other chemicals that you desire. Butane, propane, and ethanol are quite in demand these days for cannabis extraction.

After this, the solvent needs to be heated or cooled carefully, to separate the solvent from the extracted compound, without causing any harm to the entire mixture.

The Drawbacks Of The Extraction Procedures

Though both methods are quite helpful and popular, these can be extremely dangerous too. Only qualified lab professionals should dare to attempt the procedure, with the right equipment and under intensive care.

Another drawback of the solvent extraction method is the fact that the method somehow extracts the impurities from the plants as well, that may add to the unpleasant taste of the CBD product you are consuming from the process. 

Which Method Is Best For Cannabis Extraction?

In the light of the above-mentioned facts, it is safe to say that the CO2 extraction method is the best to produce premium CBD, because the hemp and the plant compounds remain safe and stable under this procedure. Other methods may introduce impurities in the extraction mechanism and thus the CBD produced is of low quality and doesn’t hold a good shelf life.

CO2 method is beneficial and is considered superior as it results in the extraction of premium CBD that is meant for ingestion or further refinement. The procedure is simple and you are confident about the fact that the extracted CBD is free from any residual impurity or fungi.

The extraction methods can however not be achieved at homes. You don’t know how to purchase the right equipment, how to operate them, and the entire process can be extremely dangerous and costly. Also, you are not aware of the right and safe proportions of the cannabis. It is therefore recommended to buy them from the right medical cannabis Toronto dispensaries.

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