Where to Buy Edible Flowers Toronto?

A brief intro to Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers Toronto: Floral centerpieces that are mostly part of our dinner tables as a tradition can be part of our dinner plate too. These edible flowers are part of many cuisines around the world but not every plant is safe to eat. But the flowers that can be eaten are full of taste and flavour and can be found in salads, beverages and sauces. But where to buy edible flowers in Toronto? 

Many food incubators and restaurants have edible flowers in their list of eateries. Edible flowers are those diet-filled flowers that are suitable and harmless for humans. Many health enthusiasts are also adopting edible flowers in their diet to reap maximum benefits. The awareness about the consumption of edible flowers is increasing with each passing day which is also causing an increase in their demand. The global edible market of flowers is expected to grow from 2019 to 2028. 

Growth Dynamics of Global Edible Flower Market

The growing demand and increasing opportunities from the food industry are urging marketers to pay heed to the edible flower market. The increasing usage of edible flowers in beverages, cuisines and salads in restaurants has urged marketers to support its growth. Other factors that added a base to boost the market include cocktails, salads and desserts. 

Another agent that played a pivotal role in the growth of the edible flower market is the flavour. Besides this, many medical benefits are also associated with the edible flower market. And never to forget the food photography market, all of these factors combined to play a huge role in increasing the growth and demand for edible flowers. 

The global market of edible flowers is fragmented because of the presence of many international players. The intense competition restricts the players in leading positions in the market. However, many players are trying to maintain and sustain a position in the market by rolling out different but unique products. Besides, many enterprises are also focusing on growing their distribution channels, which is another leading factor in the growth of the edible flower market. The key players that are part of the global edible flower market include:

  • Petite ingredient 
  • Ottawa edible flowers
  • Fresh Origins LLC
  • Cherry Valley Organics
  • Scarborough Farms Inc

Where to Buy Edible Flowers Toronto, Ontario Region

Toronto and Ontario region has the best to offer when it comes to deliciously flavoured treats. Mentioned below are some of the most commonly found wild edible flowers throughout the country. 



These flowers are most likely similar to mushrooms. Once you find them you will see them everywhere. They are mainly found near water or under full sunshine because these plants like such an atmosphere the best to grow themselves.


Wild Leeks

These flowers have a similar sweet taste to the onion. They are mainly found in eastern Canada and Ontario hardwood forests. They are also known as ramps and grow themselves in summers. These flowers have a similar look to scallions that have wider leaves. 


Stinging Nettle

The word stinging might send the users an alarm about the product. But in actuality, nettle leaves are deliciously green and are mostly cooked as a side dish or sometimes in combination with other vegetables. 


Ostrich Fern Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads are rich in vitamins and antioxidants.  They are mainly found near rivers and streams. 


Common Dandelion

Dandelions were first introduced in restaurants in Toronto and many farmers were confused about this concept. Dandelion flowers are similar to radicchio and arugula, which are edible flowers. These flowers are best to be harvested in summer because in later seasons the leaves become bitter. 


Wild Strawberries

Full of flavour and easy to locate wild strawberries grow mainly in cottage areas including sandy and field areas with full sun. 



The chef’s favourite choice, wild watercress is edible but in raw form and is mainly found in calm water for almost the whole year. Always look out for creeping and floating plants that have white flowers. But be sure that the water you are picking from is unpolluted and clean.


Common Morel

These are mushroom type wild edibles that are mainly found in forests. They grow themselves around dead trees or sometimes under decomposing leaves.


Black Walnuts

There are almost 6 types of nuts that can be found in Toronto and Ontario and black walnut is one of them. Mostly in June, these green fruits pop out that turn into brownish colour once they are ripe in early fall. 


Northern Wild Rice

Northern wild rice which is similar to ornamental grass is mainly found in waterways and shallow lakes. This edible product is high in protein, minerals and vitamins and low in fat. 

Do's and Don'ts about Where to Find Edible Flowers Toronto

The delicious and tasteful edible flowers are no doubt filled with flavour and taste. But there are some precautions one should take while eating and buying edible flowers in Toronto. 

  • If you haven’t eaten any raw flour before or don’t know if you are allergic to it or not then try to taste a bit before eating the whole. 
  • Never eat flowers that are bought from stores unless you are sure that they are organic. It is better to grow flowers on your own or buy from certified Cannabis Stores
  • Always do proper research on your end and then buy the flower. Because in some cases some part of the plant is edible and the rest of the plant is not. 
  • Sometimes the flower is technically edible but it is not palatable. So it is always advised to experiment first and then add it to the menu.
  • Always wash the flowers as much as possible because though they are organic they are grown with insects.
  • If you are purchasing flowers for consumption it is preferable to buy them from grocery stores or some gourmet shop. Because flowers that are available at florist shops or greenhouses are treated with fertilisers and chemicals.
  • Never pick flowers from roadside or train tracks. Because these plants are filled with tons of toxins and petrochemicals from vehicles. 

Grow your Edible Flowers in Toronto

The climate of Canada is perfectly suited for many edible flowers. One can start growing these edible blooms from seeds or seedlings. But one should be careful about pesticide and fungicide usage. It is always preferable to buy organic plants and seeds and choose those species that can grow in your native area. Moreover, while gardening, do not use chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Those people who do not have gardens should not lose heart. As many edible flowers can easily grow in containers and inside a windowsill. And there are many cannabis dispensary in Toronto that offer edible flowers to their consumers. 



Climate plays a primitive role in the growth of edible flowers. That is why when inquiring about where to buy edible flowers Toronto keep the species of the plant in mind. Because as mentioned above, some flowers grow near rivers and some beneath the sunlight. So every flower has its atmosphere to seed and grow. 

The market for edible flowers is also growing and becoming competitive due to its increasing demand, especially in restaurants. Edible Flowers Toronto where on the one hand offer taste and flavours it also offers many health and medical benefits. Moreover, when buying edible flowers always make sure that the flower is organic and free from pesticides and fungicides. Also, those who are tasting these flowers for the first time must taste a bit first to avoid any allergies or health issues. 

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