High CBD Strains: Introduction

How sleep and cannabis relate with High CBD Strains

Cannabis is everyone’s go-to choice who are facing anxiety and stress. But, this is the case with cannabis which not every cannabis produced has the same strains. That is, some high pressures in CBD can worsen anxiety. Therefore, always choose a CBD strain that has a high CBD strain ratio. Many dispensaries in Toronto have high CBD strains in Canada to cure the issues of anxiety and stress.

The primary and active compounds of cannabis consist of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). These compounds have a similar structure, but there is one significant difference. THC has psychoactive compounds, whereas CBD has not. So, it is THC that brings the ‘high’ with cannabis that cures anxiety and paranoia experienced by some people. 

CBD is not used as a treatment for anxiety only. The High strains in CBD aid in easing specific symptoms, especially when the process is combined with therapy. CBD products are coming into the mainstream these days. Many people against its usage are now reconsidering their thoughts about cannabis.

CBD or cannabidiol eliminates the psychoactive effects of THC. Many people growing this plant wanted to develop the most potent strain out of CBD. 

Essential Health Benefits of CBD Strains

For the past decade, scientists have been researching the key health benefits that are associated with CBD. Many health journals emphasize the medicinal benefits that are linked with CBD. In Fact, in 2018, the FDA approved a CBD drug named Epidiolex for patients younger than two years of age. They are using this drug to treat epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Lennox Gastaut syndrome. 


CBD products are ideal for those who want to avail multiple benefits of cannabis without its intoxicating side effects. Studies have proved that CBD products greatly aid in easing chronic pain, sleep disorders, neuropathic pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, headaches, musculoskeletal pain, nausea and epilepsy. 


Cannabis also thoroughly aids the patients with mood disorders, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, PSTD, addiction and other psychiatric issues. It is also used for neuroprotective, Alzheimer’s, malignant brain tumours and multiple sclerosis. It also dramatically reduces the size of the tumour by modulating multiple cells that signal different pathways in lymphoma, prostate, gliomas, skin, breast and pancreatic cancer cells. CBD has anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory benefits that are linked with benefitting autoimmune diseases.

12 Famous High CBD Strains in Canada


ACDC has 14percent of CBD strains and is opted for by those who want some relief from anxiety, stress, and pain without the feeling of numbness. This strain does not have any relevant amount of THC, which gives the feeling of happiness and relaxation.

2. Lifter

The lifter is one of the new strains introduced in the cannabis market for seeking pleasure. It has a 16percent of strains that almost nullify the presence of THC. The lifter has an aroma that is famously known as cheese with some fire of fuel. Its crystal relaxing effects do not have any impact on functionality or focus. 

3. Remedy

Remedy has a 14percent of CBD strain that showcases zero or almost nil psychoactive effects, and it has an aroma of lemon-pine. Its users have mentioned that it mellows you out but does not make your head heavy or leave any impact on your body because of high THC strains. 

4. Cherry Wine

For all the people who love and adore the smell of cheese and wine, then Cherry Wine is their ultimate preference. It has almost 17percent CBD and less than 1percent THC. Its user states that it provides relaxation to muscles and the mind without affecting the mind.

5. Charlotte’s Web

It is one of the renowned CBD strains that have a 13percent of CBD strains with zero to minor THC. It is purposely used for multiple health and wellness products. This strain dramatically helps ease and relieve stress, pain, depression, and anxiety without leaving any psychoactive effects.

6. Harle Tsu Canada

Harle Tsu Canada is an award-winning strain that that counts about 13 per cent of CBD, often tested higher. This strain got the best CBD flower in 2014 by Emerald Cup. According to the lab test, it has 0.86 per cent THC and 21.05 per cent CBD. This ratio makes it one of the preferred choices for those people who want to reduce their anxiety and boost their mood.

7. Ringo’s Gift 

This strain of CBD has almost the ratio of CBD to THC of 13:1. But the tensions in this are around 20:1. Ringo’s gift is a mixture of two high CBD strains that counts ACDC and Harle Tsu. Its users have mentioned that it drastically improves mood, stress, and anxiety. Another benefit associated with this strain is an enhanced sleeping pattern.

8. Elektra

Elektra has almost 16 percent of CBD with less than 1 percent of THC. Its users have mentioned that it gives the pleasure and feeling of nearly 20 percent CBD. Its aroma and smoke have mixed opinions from users, and people are happy about its relaxation effect that does not budge the mind.

9. Sour Tsunami 

This strain is one of the very first strains introduced in the market and is one of the favorites of its fans. This strain has an average amount of CBD into THC ratio that is 13:1, and sometimes the level of THC is lower. Its users describe its usage with a feeling of happiness and relaxation without any burden on their minds.

10. Sour Space Candy

This CBD strain has some sour flavor, and its aroma enables users to enjoy some relief from depression and anxiety. This CBD strain has almost 17 percent of CBD with a minimal amount of THC.

11. Critical Madness

This strain has a higher THC ratio than other strains, and this is one preferred choice for those who want some light buzz. This strain ranges between 8 to10 percent CBD and 4 to 7 percent of THC. According to its user ratings, people who are not performing well with THC claim that this strain provides relaxation and calming feeling.

12. Suzy Q

This CBD is not as high as other strains, and it has a ratio of almost 11 percent CBD with nearly little or zero amount of THC. It is one of the most opted choices for users who want to relax their anxious minds and tensed muscles without getting high or green out. 

Precautions to Consider while Choosing High CBD Strains

Anyone who wants to opt for a high CBD strains must consider some amount or trace of THC in it. Sometimes it is hard to predict the amount of THC and how much it will leave an impact on the body. But still, taking precautions is always a preferred choice. Mentioned below are some of the tips to consider that will provide a safe experience while trying a new strain.

How to plan cannabis intake before bed

  • Initially, choose a small amount and low quantity with the lowest level of THC. Do not rush in increasing the amount. Give some time before considering increasing the dose.
  • Those who smoke excessively should not profoundly inhale and hold on to their breath for a long time.
  • Try to make non-smoking methods your preference, like many people use CBD oils that protect their lungs because cannabis smoke has the same amount of toxins and carcinogens as a tobacco cigarette.
  • Do not rush to drive after consuming CBD. Wait for at least 6 hours or sometimes longer if you are feeling some effects.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women should entirely avoid taking cannabis.

Conclusion: High CBD Strains

The rapid expansion of the cannabis industry after the relaxation of legal rules has given a boom to this industry. High CBD strains and low THC strains have provided multivariate health benefits to consumers when it comes to controlling pain and other chronic illnesses. CBD strains have also proved effective in treating anxiety, dizziness and paranoia.


Many medical researchers have emphasized the benefits of cannabis for relieving stress and managing anxiety. It is not a tried-and-tested technique, but many people have found it beneficial in easing pain and symptoms. All those who want to try a high CBD strain must check on their healthcare provider to reduce the effects of anxiety. 


The personal and medicinal benefits of CBD give a clear head to patients and provide them with relaxation and non-intoxicating effects. Many high CBD strains are hitting the market, and we have provided a list of 12 of the most famous high CBD strains in Canada that are easy to find.

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