How to Smoke Hash?

Hash also known as hashish is formed by pressing and processing the parts of a cannabis plant. Cannabis plants’ flowering buds are compressed because they are rich in trichomes. Trichomes are tiny outgrowths on the flower buds that produce the most cannabinoids. Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are consumed via a hash.

Hash, a dry herb, is similar to weed and marijuana but unlike them, it produces a greater effect. Almost 20-60% THC is present in the hash content. Some hash contains more CBD than minor cannabinoids. Hash can be consumed in different ways. We will discuss later how to smoke hash.

Similar to smoking weed, hash needs to be heated or the content should be exposed to vaporizers to produce the final effect. There are multiple ways to consume hash. Before diving into the different ways to consume hash, it is important to note that hash is available in different forms, colors, and textures. It depends on the cannabis plant being used and the preparation process. It can vary in texture and consistency. Sometimes, it is available in golden brown color or otherwise in dark brown or black shades.

Now, as we know that hash is enriched in THC compared to all other sources, we will go into detail on how to use hashish.

Best ways to smoke hash

Here are some commonly used best ways to smoke hash easily.

  •         Smoking with a dab rig
  •         Using a vaporizer
  •         Smoking hash in a bong
  •         Smoking hashish in a joint/spliff/blunt
  •         Smoking with a hot knife method
  •         Smoking hash in a cup
  •         Smoking hash in a pipe

Smoking hash in a pipe:

Smoking hashish using a pipe is the oldest form of consuming hashish. The pipe has been used by the ancient Egyptians to smoke hashish. Pipes are typically made up of metal, wood, and glass. Nowadays, silicon rubber pipe is also used. Pipes can also be curved or straight. The piece entering the mouth can be round or flat and may have multiple holes for better airflow.

 Now there are different techniques for smoking hash using a pipe, a bowl, or a rosin technique. First of all, you fill the bowl with hash covering the metal screen, and start lighting it with a lighter to inhale the first puff. Similarly, the rosin technique allows you to use an external source of heat to pressurize oil and cover the hash with hot and sticky oil.

Smoking with a dab rig:

Smoking hashish with a dab rig is common nowadays. It is also a healthy way to smoke hash. To use this, you will need a dab rig, a blow torch, and your hash. A dab rig is a water pipe designed specifically for smoking.

The proper way to smoke hash using a dab rig is to pre-heat the banger and then place the piece of hash onto the banger. Remove the cap to inhale it. You may use water to reduce any harshness.

Using a vaporizer:

Using vapes is an easy and most effective method for smoking hashish. It is quick and leaves no long-term smell. You can use it with ease and follow the instructions mentioned in the vape kit. There is no need to burn hash as it will be done by the vaporizer.

You can inhale it from both ends of the vaporizer. But it is better to use one end while placing a finger on the second end to increase the heating effect and enjoy a good puff.

Smoking hash in a bong:

It is important to note that hashish is not as potent as marijuana. It means that you will require less hash for smoking it in a bong. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of smoke. Secondly, it is important to fill the bong with adequate water, break hashish into smaller pieces, place a screen in the bong and pack the bowl with hashish. Finally, lit the hash. It is better to avoid any flame contact with hash as it can burn out too quickly.

Smoking hashish in a joint/spliff/blunt:

Smoking hashish in a joint is another convenient and easy way. You just need to roll it properly using a blunt wrap, hash, and maybe a filter. It is a mild way of inhaling hash and you can mix it with other substances as well. This allows you to enjoy multiple flavors with less smoke and is best for that type of pothead.

Smoking with a hot knife method:

As the name suggests, this method may involve the use of stainless-steel materials, preferably, a knife or spoons, in case a knife is not available. But it is important to note that you should start with a small amount of hashish as it is a very potent method.

The process is relatively simple and easy to try at home. All you need is a hot spoon or a hot knife. It can be heated from the stove. Once heated, you can place a small amount of hash on the top and wait for half a minute to start inhaling the smoke. But be careful of the hot metal that you are holding in your hands.

Smoking hash in a cup:

Smoking hash in a cup is an old technique. It is mostly used by those who are adept at using this. All you need is a pin or a needle, a piece of cardboard, a hash, and a cup or a glass. The technique is simple, roll some hash and place it on the top of the needle. The needle or the pin should be placed on the cardboard for balance. Then heat the hash and place a cup on it. Slightly remove it to inhale a pack of smoke from it. Be sure to remove it little by little to enjoy small bits at a time.

Categories of Hash:

As we all know now, that hash is extremely potent and has a higher amount of THC than any other flower. It is important to maintain a safe balance of smoking hash. You may get a different experience every time you smoke hash. It is mainly because of the types of hash available in the market. There are two broad categories of hash: dry-sift hash and ice-water hash.

Dry-sift hash is a process known for making hash and it is also known as kief and uses only two things to smoke hash; a screen and some container. Whereas, ice-water hash or bubble hash is the technique requiring water or vaporizing tools to separate the contents to make a high THC product. We have discussed the ways that show how to smoke a bubble hash using vapes and dab rigs. Each technique has its pros and cons.

Important things to note:

Here are some important factors to consider before buying hash. Also, note that this will affect how to smoke hash. Smell, taste, texture, potency, appearance, and texture all need to be considered before buying hash. You may also conduct a bubble test to check the quality of your hash. Do not be misled by the name. You can check a small piece of hash and burn it with a lighter to check if it turns out to smoke or not. If it turns out black, it shows some additives are added to it.

Thus, before buying any type of hash, keep in mind that hash is high in potency and is unlike any other flower. Therefore, you should know the best ways to smoke hash.

Meta Description:

Hash has a high potency and can be consumed in multiple ways. You should be familiar with the types of hash and how to smoke hash to avoid any problems.

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