Where to Buy Edible Flowers Toronto?

Edible Flowers Toronto

Floral centerpieces that are mostly part of our dinner tables as a tradition can be part of our dinner plate too. These edible flowers are part of many cuisines around the world but not every plant is safe to eat. But the flowers that can be eaten are full of taste and flavour and can be found in salads, beverages and sauces.

Cannabis Nutrient Deficiency: How to Fix It?

Cannabis Nutrient Deficiencies

Nutrients are the basic components of the cannabis plant and are crucial for their survival. These are the same thing as oxygen is to the human body. The plants suffering from cannabis nutrient deficiency eventually die. Nutrients are further subdivided into macronutrients and micronutrients.

The Practical Uses of Hemp in our lives

As you may be aware Puffs Haven sells cannabis products, and we are proud to be one of the top Toronto cannabis dispensary. But have you ever considered the uses of hemp as a product? Hemp, itself, is one of the most effective materials in the world with many day to day applications, which makes it hemp an extremely versatile product.

From personal needs to textiles…

Toronto Cannabis Dispensary

Learn what it takes too Open and Manage a successful Cannabis Dispensary in Toronto. Read our guide to Dispensary Management.

Marijuana Consumption Methods

Sublingual Marijuana ingestion

At Puffs Haven, we are lucky to be able to provide all the different types of consumption methods of cannabis available in the marketplace. Our ….